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Zhu Houze

Studying History and Geography in GZNU(1949), statesman, former Minister of Publicity Ministry of CCCPC, former Secretary of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, former Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Committee of CPC.

Luo Anren

Graduating in Chemistry at GZNU(1950), researcher, general engineer, former deputy director of Nuclear Leader Group Office of the State Council.

Zhou Kunguang

Graduating in Chinese Language at GZNU(1962), soldier, Major General, Artist of China Painting and Calligraphy.

Li Kaizhong

Graduating in Mathematics at GZNU(1962), National Excellent Teacher, Master Teacher, Provincial Excellent Teacher, teaching in Sinan Middle School now.

Liu Chundou

Graduating in Physics at GZNU(1966), National Model Teacher, Expert-level teacher, the former president and party sectary of No. 2 Middle School in Liupanshui(a city in Guizhou).

Fang Youxin

Graduating in Foreign Language at GZNU(1967), businessman, former CEO of Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd.

Miao Yue

Graduating in Chinese Language at GZNU(1982), state-level first-class director, working for Emei Film Studio.

Chen Jianhua

Graduating in Chinese Language at GZNU(1982), Expert-level Teacher, Expert Administrated by People’s Government of Guizhou, former president of the high school affiliated to GZNU.

Dai Ming

Graduating in Chemistry at GZNU(1988), National Leading Teacher, Expert-level Teacher, Provincial Excellent Teacher in Guizhou, vice-president of the high school affiliated to GZNU.

Xu Jianyi

Graduating in Physics at GZNU(1991), National Model Teacher, Expert-level Teacher, National Excellent Class Adviser of Middle and Primary School, teaching in No. 1 Middle School of Guiyang.

Zhang Weigang

Graduating in Physical Education at GZNU(2007), athlete, the Champion of Flying Saucer(male) of the 10th Asian Games, the chief coach of national flying saucer and shooting teams.

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