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Delegates from Yuan Ze University Visited GZNU Apr 6, 2016 
Delegation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Visited GZNU Mar 17, 2016 
Delegation from Thammasat University visited Guizhou Normal University Mar 17, 2016 
Delegate from Staffordshire University visited Guizhou Normal University Jan 7, 2016 
Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program (2016/2017) Jan 5, 2016 

Further Cooperative Relations: Vice-President Zhao Shouying Visits the I.Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University Dec 28, 2015 
Delegation of Guizhou Normal University Visited Muban ChomBueng Rajabhat University for Cooperative Program Dec 28, 2015 
Overseas Students’ First Celebration Performance--- Held in Guizhou Normal University Dec 21, 2015 
Delegates from Taylor’s University visted Guizhou Normal University Nov 10, 2015 
Dr. Mei R. Fu held a lecture at GZNU Nov 10, 2015 
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