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Stories of Mountains told by Scholars from China, ASEAN countries and Switzerland Aug 5, 2016 
The 13th Sino-Singapore Undergraduates Exchange Program: GZNU Students Visited Singapore in July Jul 31, 2016 
Ambassador of Switzerland to China Jean-Jacques de Dardel visited GZNU Jun 17, 2016 
Singapore Delegation Visited to Guizhou Normal University Jun 12, 2016 
Delegates from Fukuyama University Visited GZNU Jun 7, 2016 

Delegates from Gyeongju University visited GZNU May 17, 2016 
Delegates from Hsuan Chuang University visited GZNU May 10, 2016 
Study in China(Guizhou) Education Fair Successfully Held in South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam May 3, 2016 
Delegates from Providence University visited Guizhou Normal University Apr 22, 2016 
China-ASEAN-Switzerland Upland Culture and Multicultural Exchange Forum was held in Guiyang Aug 5, 2016 
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