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Delegation from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman visited Guizhou Normal University Sep 15, 2017 
Delegates from University of Kristen Maranatha, Indonesia Visited GZNU Jul 28, 2017 
Experts from the Rhode Island Association of Chinese American Professors Visited GZNU Jun 14, 2017 
Delegates from Hsuan Chuang University Visited GZNU May 16, 2017 
OIEC holds the 5th Exchange Students Programs Publicity May 15, 2017 

Delegates from Chaoyang University of Technology Visited GZNU Mar 30, 2017 
Delegate from Yuan Ze University Visited GZNU Mar 24, 2017 
Delegates from Hong Kong Financial Services Institute Visited GZNU Mar 3, 2017 
Delegates from Patna University (PU) Visited GZNU Nov 14, 2016 
Rector of Geneva College Visited GZNU Oct 24, 2016 
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