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A Fabulous Concert Presented by Kate McGarry Quartet in the Auditorium of GZNU Dec 14, 2011 
Consul General of American Consulate General in Chengdu visited GZNU Dec 14, 2011 
Guests of College of Art & Design of Yeungnam University Visited our University Dec 6, 2011 
Delegation of American Teaching Instructional Supervision & Curricular Development Visited GZNU Dec 6, 2011 
70th Anniversary Celebration of GZNU Being Held in Baoshan Campus Nov 22, 2011 

Lin Jinhui and His Assistant Had a Meeting with Some Deans and Directors of our University Nov 8, 2011 
Wu Pengcheng and Xie Xiaoyao Attended Seminar of How to Improve Internalization of Higher Education Nov 8, 2011 
Professor Deng Tianli of Stony Brook University of USA Visits Our University Nov 3, 2011 
GZNU Signs Academic Exchange Agreement with CUTE Nov 3, 2011 
A Professional Delegation of Marriage and Family Treatment Organized by American “People to People Program” Visits Our University Aug 4, 2011 
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