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Introduction to the School of Marxism

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School of Marxism of Guizhou Normal University engages in teaching, discipline construction, and scientific research on the ideological and political theories. In 2013, School of Marxism was granted the authorization of doctorate degree.

The present School has 21 professors and 38 associate professors among 69 faculty members, 97% of them with master’s or doctorate degrees.

The School has a solid research foundation, and for the last five years, it has been undertaking tens of research projects on social science funded by the Ministry of Education and Provincial Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science. This school was approved to conduct five research projects supported by the Chinese National Social Science Fund in 2011. The faculty have publication of more than 40 academic monographs by People’s Publishing House and China Social Science Press, and have more than 200 academic papers published in various academic journals and newspapers, such as Studies on Marxism, Philosophical Research, Guangming Daily and People’s Daily.

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