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Introduction to School of International Tourism and Culture

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An introduction to School of International Tourism and Culture Jointly founded by Guizhou Normal University and Guizhou Provincial Tourism Bureau in 2006, the School of International Tourism and Culture (Guizhou Tourism Training School) spares no efforts in pushing forward the globalization of Guizhou tourism. This college dedicates itself to training competent practitioners with global vision and passion for local culture.


  • *2010—Tourism management was listed as speciality Major by the Ministry of education.
  • *2010—BIE-COSMOS awarded by Bureau International des Expositions
  • *2007—Tourism P.R Course was listed as Provincial Elaborate Courses
  • *2007—Award for Publication by Chinese State Council

Tourism Research

As an important arts and social science research base in the province, Guizhou Culture and Natural Heritage Research and Preservation Centre (affiliated to CITAC) dedicates itself to local tourism research and development, tourism management consultation, local sociology and anthropology research. The centre established several rural tourism working stations aiming at exploring the culture of local aboriginal people.

World Bank projects

Due to the rich tourism and hospitality resources in Guizhou, the World Bank granted an interest-free loan of¥80 million to this college. With this loan, several vocational training and research centres are under construction

—Website of Guizhou Tour Destinations,

—Guizhou Protection and Development Centre for Cultural and Natural Heritage,

—Training Centre of Guizhou tourism Practioners,

—Guizhou Tourists Service Centre

Faculty Structure

With superior teachers’ quality and ability in teaching and scientific research, the college possesses of two corps of faculties. Among its 46 faculty members, there are 36 full-time teachers. From the perspective of the title, there are 4 professors, 11adjunct professors and 19 lecturers; from the perspective of educational background, there are 4 PhDs, 31 masters and 11 graduate students; from the perspective of academic affiliation, 13 of them graduated from Guizhou Normal University; 23 from key universities in China; 2 PhDs graduated from key universities in China and 2 PhDs and 6 masters graduated from key universities abroad; From the perspective of academic reputation, there are one province-level fine teacher, 4 master supervisors, 2 academic leaders on the university-level, 4 middle-aged and young key teachers. There are also more than 10 external experts in different fields from Ohio State University in the US, Beijing University, Northeast Normal University etc. The teaching and research group in the pattern with tourism developing and research, management and plan, sociology and cultural anthropology remaining dominant has been formed.

International cooperation

The college has set up the long-term relationship with universities, training organizations and scientific research centers around the world in order to expand its educational resources through co-operation. Meanwhile the cooperation agreements have been signed in the field of talent exchange, research and training with Ohio State University, the tourism management department of San Jose University in the US, University of Hawaii, Arkansas State University in the US, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hongkong Vocational Training Council, Hongkong Tour Development Council, Hong Kong East West Connect Foundation etc. The college has also established regular contacts with Berkeley College in the US, Punahou School in the US and University of Quebec in Canada.

Social work

The college is the reception window of Guizhou Normal University and all the tourism education units in Guizhou. It has successfully accomplished major reception tasks such as Lian Zhan’s visit to Guizhou, the trip of World Bank President Robert Zoellick. The college has expanded its horizontal service in the professional field. In recent years, the college has hosted and completed nearly 30 Tourism Planning Projects, for instance compiling the Investigation of the rural tourism of typical villages in Guizhou, the Second five-Guizhou Tourism Talent Planning. Under the leadership of Guizhou Toutism Bureau, The college has not only accomplished the reform work of 2010 National Tour Guide Qualification Examination (test area in Guizhou), but also the marking work of 2008,2010 National Tour Guide Qualification Examination (test area in Guizhou).

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