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Introduction to the School of Materials and Architectural Engineering

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The School of Materials and Architectural Engineering is an afresh founded technical school after Guizhou Vocationl Technical College ( primary Guizhou Provincial Metallurgy School ) which had more than 50 years history and very good reputation was merged into Guizhou Normal University in 2004. We treat teaching quality as our foundation and scientific research as our developing base. Sticking to the needs of local economic construction and society development, we commit ourselves on training engineering-oriented undergraduate and technique-oriented vocational personals with solid knowledge foundation, good comprehensive quality, wonderful practical ability and spirit of innovation.

We have 49 staffs constituted by 5 professors, 16 associate professors, 2 senior engineers, 1 national certified supervision engineer, 8 doctors and 24 graduates. We attach great importance on communication and cooperation with universities, academic societies and big enterprises inland and abroad. To expand the view of students and teachers and enhance teaching and research level, we sent visiting scholars to universities or factories as well as invite professionals in related field to give lectures or to be guest professors, which also help us on forming a group of young and middle aged scholars with good theoretical and practical ability. In the last 3 years, we have engaged more than 30 national and provincial scientific research projects and more than 120 papers were issued among which more than 40 papers were published on core journals and 10 papers were indexed by EI and SCI.

We now have three disciplines, which are Material, Metallurgy and civil engineering. Besides, we also have a laboratory of materials and metallurgy, a laboratory of civil engineering and an institute of engineering oriented materials. Now we are opening 3 undergraduate program and 3 vocational program, they are metallic material engineering, metallurgic engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering technology, metallurgic technology and construction engineering technology respectively. Also, we have corresponding level adult education. We pay great attention on systematic theoretic teaching and comprehensive practical ability, so we established practice centers both in and out of the school with self-contained experimental equipments and environment including heat treatment, metallograph, performance test, Intrinsic viscosity with sticky number and molecular weight measurement, physical chemistry, hydromechanics, iron ore and restore performance measurements, construction materials, engineering survey, construction mechanics, soil mechanics and computer aided drawing and design lab.

We pay great attention on student's professional knowledge, practice ability and renovation spirit. By fully taking advantage of our experience gained from long-term cultivation of engineering practice ability of technical students, we put our effort into training of practice abilities and vocational skills, and encourage students to get related vocational qualifications and graduate with multiple certificates. Besides that, we also inspire students to get teacher certification to expand their job-hunting range rely on the advantage of GNU's teacher education.

We have the qualification of identifing more than 10 professions of the National Occupational Skills, such as "heat treatment", "chemical analyse", "sewage treatment", "water treatment", '"watery environment treatment", "ferroalloy operation", "electric furnace steel making" on intermediate and high ranking and we are also the testing base of Guizhou provincial construction field engineer, decorating field engineer, budgeteer, construction documenter, construction safety supervisor and construction materialman.

At the mean time of cultivating technical personals, we are promoting our research capability to provide omnibearing and sophisticated intellectual and technical support for Guizhou's social and economy development.

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