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Introduction to The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Guizhou Normal University (SMEE) is an engineering college, which is established based on the former mechanical engineering college, the former electrical engineering college and the former engineering training center which have a long history. The SMEE has well-qualified teaching resources and advanced teaching equipment. In 2011, the SMEE has started enrolling students major in electrical and mechanical engineering. The electrical engineering offers the study courses of electrical information engineering, the electrical engineering and automation, and the mechanical engineering offers the courses of mechanical design, manufacture and automation,and material shaping and control engineering. The college has a total of 74 faculty members, including 5 doctors, greatly scientific project meridian project assistant director the designer 1 person, 1 academic leader, 5 professors, 27 associate professors, 15 lecturers. The senior technical staff account for 60.07%. The master degree number is 85.71%. The teachers’ quality is high and the structure is reasonable. In recent years, the college has taken many the state-level, province-level scientific research items, including 2 items of the State Natural Sciences Foundation, 20 items the province-level scientific research. The research funding accumulated about 2,000,000 Yuan(RMB). The teacher has obtained many items of ministry-level science-technology process award. There are 60 papers indexed by SCI, EI etc..

The college is composed of the mechanical engineering department, the electrical engineering department, the experimental and training center, the project innovation center, and continuing educational center. The area of experimental building is 4900 square meters. The experimental facility is advanced and complete, including 3 provincial level specialized laboratories, the signal and the information processing laboratory, the automation laboratory, the mechanical design and manufacturing laboratory, the engineering training center, and the basic laboratory. There are 501 sets of lab instruments. The college pays great attention to training the students’ ability of discovering and solving questions, encouraging students to participate in teacher's scientific research and all kinds of competition. In recent years, many students achieved outstanding results in CMCM, NUEDC, National Three-dimensional Innovation Design Contest and NECSS and, strengthened the ability of adapting society and servicing society. Moreover, the college also has many kinds of professional skill evaluating centers, such as the electrician, the machining and so on. The students may obtain the intermediate, high-level professional certificate issued by State Labor Bureau in school.

The college will make the best use of its advantages in science, information and application, and strive to be one of the important training bases in Guizhou for higher education in engineering to better serve to the development strategy of Guizhou Province, which is called “stimulating the economy by industrialization and urbanization.”

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