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Introduction to School of P.E.

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Established in the year 1942 as the original P.E. Special Training Course for Boy Scout, School of P.E. was renamed as P.E. Special Training Course in 1950 and P.E. Polytechnic of Guiyang in May, 1958. In 1961, it was merged into Guizhou Normal University (formerly known as Guiyang Normal School) as Department of P.E.; in 2003, School of P.E. of GNU was founded.

With a relatively improved system of education and training, School of P.E. has cultivated a great many students home and abroad. There are now three undergraduate majors in the school: Physical Education, Social Sports and Sports Training, among which Physical Education is the Model Undergraduate Major of Guizhou Province. The number of full-time students has reached 1000. Entitled with the authority to grant the master degree of Physical Education and Training, the enrollment of postgraduates began in 2001. There are 70 postgraduates studying for the master degree at present.

Our school attaches great importance to teaching and discipline construction. There are five disciplines: Social Sciences and Humanities of Sports, Folk Traditional Sports, Human Movement Science, P.E. and Health. All-dimensional school-running achievements have been achieved, which embodies day by day distinctive characters of our disciplines. The discipline of Physical Education and Training has been granted as the University Key Discipline. Our school has established 2 excellence courses of provincial level, 4 of university level, 1 of school level.

We have set up national level and national fist-class training bases in our school. They are Social Sports Instructor Training Base, Guizhou National Minorities Sports Training Base, Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of P.E. in Guizhou, Core Teachers Training Base of Middle and Primary School in Guizhou, The Education and Training Practice Base of Chengdu Sport University, the Base of Guizhou College Entrance Examination of Physical Education Specialty in Common Universities. Moreover, Center of Sports Anthropology for National Minorities was founded in 2010, which was the first one ever founded in China.

Currently, we have a teaching faculty of 100 people, including 14 professors, 36 associate-professors, 8 postgraduate supervisors, 1 expert receiving Special Allowance from State Council, 3 The most Excellent Provincial Experts, 2 distinguished teachers of provincial level, 1 Academic Leader of Guizhou Social Philosophy, 3 doctors. Our prestigious teachers have published over 300 outstanding thesis papers in academic journals of all kinds in the past 3 years, 8 specialty works, and 6 Recommendation Course Books of Ministry of Education. Besides, they have undertaken more than 40 research programs of different levels. There are over 20 first and second prize winners of thesis papers in domestic and international academic seminars.

Our school has a teaching building of 1980 square meters, 10 multi-media classrooms including 2 classrooms specially prepared for post-graduates, 2 standard training athletic fields, 2 soccer pitches, and 1 integrated training gym covering an area of 8000 square meters as well as over 30 basketball and volleyball playgrounds for teaching. There are more than 20 domestic relatively advanced equipments and facilities in the Physical Education Demonstration Center worth 4 million RMB, which can better help to meet the requirements of education and research. There is an electronic reading room and a data room with a relatively wide range of information about P.E major.

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