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School of Fine Arts

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The School of Fine Arts(SFA), originally known as the Art Discipline, the Art Department and the Fine Arts Department, was established in 1947, one of the earliest schools provided fine arts undergraduate education in Guizhou Province.

Currently, there are 69 staff members in SFA, 10 professors, 17 associate professors and 40 lecturers, two of them with doctorate degree and four doctorate degree candidates.

SFA provides two master’s degree programs of fine arts and industrial engineering design, and six undergraduate programs for over1200 students.

Teachers and students have gained fruitful achievements on the field of design, creation and research for years. Their works have won many prizes, and have been exhibited, published and collected at home and abroad.

Currently, SFA has a 14-floor teaching building with an area of 15,834m2which can accommodate 2,000 people, a practice field for students with an area over 600m2, a stop-motion animation studio, an exhibition room for artificial paintings, a studio for traditional animation and paperless animation, and folk art gallery.

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