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Introduction to The School of Music

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The School of Music of Guizhou Normal University is located in Baoshan campus near to Zhaobi hill in Guiyang City, which we call forest City. Its precursor is art section in Guiyang normal school that was established in 1951.It was established as Music section of Art department of Guizhou Normal University by 1985. In 1998.Music department was established. In 2003, it became the School of Music of Guizhou Normal University. There are 86 staffs in our college, 5 professors, 25 associate professors, 34 lecturers, and 5 assistant teachers, who are graduated from different universities, such as Sichuan Music College, Wuhan music college, southwest Normal University, northwest university for nationalities and University of Guizhou and Guizhou Normal University etc. The teachers structure of the vocal music, piano, instrumental music and theory is reasonable, development trend is right. All the teachers can adapt to the request of teaching requirement and academics shape.

The admission of School of Music of Guizhou Normal University began in 2001.There are more than 1800 under-graduated students and graduate students, who are from various province, such as Guizhou, Hunan, Shandong, Henan, Fukien, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangdong and Gansu...etc.

We have establishes four academics, vocal music, piano, instrumental music and theories. Arrange several majors teaching, such as vocal music, piano and copper pipe (fraction), wood tube, string, stroke , dance, perform, accordion, bamboo whistle, ErHu, Yangqin, GuZhen, pipa etc. Beside these, more than 10 basic courses are offering: Solfeggio, basic theory of music, harmony and Polyphonic, Improvised piano accompaniment, orchestration, folk music, foreign music history, choral and command...etc.

There is a Music Complex building of ​​22000 Square meters. in addition to adequate teaching space and equipment, we also has a value of over a hundred world-renowned million STEINWAYEεSONS D-274 grand piano and performing arts hall which can accommodate more than a thousand people, with the value of a thousand million light audio, recording equipment, series broadcast and professional recording studio.

We are good at absorbing domestic and foreign counterparts and advanced business management experience. under the School Teachers, multidisciplinary, comprehensive, open orientation, to update the teaching philosophy as a guide, the implementation of teachers, students, teaching the "double election" system and the teaching administration "bottom out" system, we are emphasis on cultivating discipline fully grasp the basics of music, basic theory and skills, capable of schools at all levels, research institutions, music teaching, scientific research complex talent.

In addition to good teaching, college encourages all teachers and students to actively participate in professional competitions for scientific research and artistic practice. In recent years, faculty have published nearly 10 monographs, 100 papers, dozens of pieces of music, won more than ten national and provincial awards. We have obtained in various competitions over university level (excluding university level) dozens of awards, such as: College student rehearsal of the show "Blessing of the motherland", "Qian Ling Song", "the blessings of love" to each In the second CCTV "Spring School" Spring Festival Gala, Guizhou Province to celebrate fifth anniversary of the founding of singing will, Guizhou Province singing competitions and other activities in schools from have got a top award and the first prize; College students in the CCP Central Propaganda Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, SARFT, jointly organized by the Central Committee of the National Students Art Competition and the Singing State Education Commission, Ministry of Education jointly organized the "Pearl River Piano" National Basic Skills of Music Education students won the third in both competitions awards; in the first Midwest College (normal university) Music Composition Competition, the four works selected by our college were, respectively, won second prize, third prize and award. August 2005, the college student rehearsal of the male solo, "touched the hearts” was invited by National Campus Ministry of Education Spring Festival Organizing Committee's to visit Seoul for performances and cultural exchanges, and have achieved a complete success and the recognition of the South Korean government. In the previous graduates, two were given the CCTV of the Ninth and Tenth National Young Singers Competition (professional groups) popular singing and folk singing Silver Award of Excellence. In 2005, in "Colorful Guizhou" singing contest with the national interest, college graduates and previous had access to dozen awards, including the highest award - Gold Guizhou. In 2006, the Fourth "Pearl River Piano" National Music Education Majors, one of our students won the third place of individual all-around basic skill.

School enrollment has been restored since 1985, has trained undergraduate and graduate six grades. Some of them in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major urban development, while others are working in the universities, secondary schools and arts organizations the in province around. The Department Head or person in charge of most of the major institutes in Guizhou Province are our graduate, many well known private music school are established by the graduates from the College. They have also become the backbone of music education in Guizhou.

We have educated the Master degree on "Curriculum and Teaching" for many years. The State Department in 2005 obtained us for the "art" master degree education permission .In 2007, we began to recruit the Master degree of Arts students in nationwide.

The administration in our college with good governance and the entrepreneurial spirit of continuing to explore is to look for the future of music education in Guizhou.

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