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Introduction to The School of Life Sciences

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The School of Life Sciences was founded in 2008 as a mergence of the former major of traditional biology science, which dates back to 1950s, and modern biotechnology and bioengineering major. The school is recognized for its excellence in both teaching and modern biotechnology and bioengineering scientific researches and development of biological sciences. Currently the dean is Prof. Yi Yin, and the secretary is Prof. Wang Yazhu.

There are 73 faculty and staff members within the college and among them 38 are professors or associate professors, 21 lecturers and 32% of faculty members have PhD degrees 30% master degrees. Our college has one Guizhou Provincial technology innovation talents team, one candidate for Chinese government's "Thousand Talents Program", one committee member from the Chinese Ministry of Education’s teaching guidance committee of science and technology of biology, two international SCI and EI journal editors, two professors are awarded Guizhou Provincial experts, and one is honored provincial distinguished teacher. Faculty members also include those awarded National teaching virture, state council allowance, provincial experts, provincial distinguished teachers, provincial May Fourth youth medal, provincial youth technology medal, provincial distinguished youth science and technology workers, provincial prominent teachers and provincial party workers, etc. The teaching team was awarded the prominent teaching team in the university. And the college was honored advanced unit for natural science research of Guizhou Normal University in 2010.

Currently, The College of Life Sciences has 6 programs for graduate education, 1 program for Master of Educational, 3 programs in undergraduate education, in addition, 2 programs in vocational college student, 1 program in candidates for the self-taught examinations and 3 programs for correspondence students. About 1300 nearly full-time students register in the school for various programs, including 138 for master’s degree graduates, 851 undergraduate students, and 115 vocational college students.

The college owns one Provincial Key Discipline of botany sciences, one State and Provincial specialized demonstration major for 4-year undergraduate students in biological science and biotechnology, respectively. In 2010, the school has been authorized the first level discipline for Master degree in biology science. And the discipline authorized to offer Doctorate degree in biology science is in construction.

The school houses more than 8000 square meters for education and research, 15 million of experiment instruments and facilities for biological research, total assets about 20 million. There are 3 provincial assessed labs (lab of biological science, lab of biotechnology and lab of bioengineering), 2 university key labs of molecular biology and plant genetics breeding. In recent 5 years, School of Life Sciences has been got 110 research and development programs and the research fund reaches 20.402 million RMB, A haystack of scientific papers produced from the college has been published at home and abroad of the field, including 24 in SCI or EI, 198 in core journals; 11 monographs of the field have been published. There are 8 scientific and technological achievements recognized at provincial or ministerial level. Some achievements on research have reached or approached advanced national or international level.

As life sciences are progressing rapidly, the college is continuing to evolve and develop. We are aiming to create a center of excellence both in teaching and research nationally and internationally. Our highest priority is to recruit the best young people including the brightest students at various levels and creative young investigators who are talented in original and cutting-edge researches. The school of Life Science is, as always, doing its best to offer students the first-class education and to carry out leading-edge scientific research related to various aspects of life science and biotechnology. We sincerely encourage the younger generation joining us and devoting themselves to the development of science and technology of biology and make great contributions to the progress of China.

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