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School of Education Science

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The School of Education Science(SES), which was established in 2003, takes teacher’s education as characteristics, centers on undergraduate education, actively develops postgraduate education, and adheres to the characteristic running of the School and serves the basic education.

The school has 105 staff, including 17professors and 39 associate professors, and the proportion of teachers holding master’s or doctorate degree is as high as 93%. With two first-tier master’s degree programs of Pedagogy and Psychology, eight second-tier master’s degree programs, five professional master’s degree programs and five undergraduate program, SES now has more than 1,000 full time undergraduate students, more than 310 full-time undergraduate students, more than 310 full-time postgraduate students, and 150 of them are taking master’s degree in education.

In recent years, more than 700 research papers have been published in the journals at or above the provincial level, 163 of them published in high-ranked journals. The teachers have worked at editing 29 academic works and textbooks and five of their books have won awards. They have been working on five research projects supported by the national natural science fund, eight research projects of the MOE and 35 provincial ones.

Graduates are working throughout the country, in universities, middle schools, primary schools, kindergartens, education administrative departments, institutions and training groups at all levels, public service and security departments, TV and radio stations, press and some departments of information technology.

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