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Introduction of School of Chemistry & Material Science

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School of Chemistry & Material Science has three undergraduate majors,including Chemistry, Science Education and Applied Chemistry. The majors of Chemistry and Science Education are aim at teacher-training. The School recruits master graduate students in the majors of Analytic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (Chemistry), and Chemical Education. It has also mission in adult education and high school teacher training.

The school is employing 55 faculty, including 7 professors and 22 associate professors, 23 of them have Ph.D. degree or Master degree, and some of them won the award of Outstanding Teacher of China and Guizhou province.

The school boasts advance teaching conditions and nice training environment such as total used experimental area of more than 5000 m2. The Basic Chemical lab and the lab of Analytic Chemistry have passed the evaluation of Guizhou Province. In Addition, The library of the school are abundant in stock, with 20,000 printed books in Chinese and foreign language, 200 kinds of journals in Chinese and foreign language. In last three years, more than 30 research projects were undertaken, including projects from Natural Science Foundation of China, “Chunhui Plan” of ministry of education, Foundation of Guizhou Science and Technology Department、Governor Foundation of Guizhou province, etc.

In many research fields, such as environmental analytic chemistry, natural product chemistry and material chemistry, the school has gradually formed its research features, developed many kinds of research projects and build cooperation with corporations, based on the economy and development of Guizhou province.

The School is paying a great attention on the foresting of talents, especially the undergraduate teaching which is centre of the development of the School. In the last years, except parts of the undergraduate students went to graduate school, more than 98% undergraduate students are employed after graduation. Our graduates are welcomed by the employers and the society

Abiding the University Motto "Contemplation, Honesty, Erudition, Creativity", the school seeks to the basic faith for teachers and students, to create a nice education environment, to create knowledge, to open the minds of students to that knowledge, and to enable students to take best advantage of their educational opportunities, and significantly present the best contribution for the development of the social economy of Guizhou.

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