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Introduction to the School of Mathematics and Computer Science

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The predecessor of the School of Mathematics Science, Guizhou Normal University is the Department of Mathematics, Guiyang Teachers’ College which was established in 1941.

Currently, the school has 67 teachers and staffs, 56 of whom are full-time teachers, including 17 professors, 28 associate professors. Now over 700 undergraduate students and 130 master degree students and 8 doctoral degree candidates are on register book. At present, the school has three undergraduate majors— “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics”, “Computer Sciences and Technology” , “Information and Computing Science”, and ”Applied Statistics”. The school has one special major development program by Ministry of Education—“Mathematics and Applied Mathematics”, one national level teaching team, one talent training base for key discipline of Guizhou province----“Information and Computer Science”, one key disciplines at provincial level----“Mathematics Education”.

In recent years, the school has been strengthening its scientific research. Up till now the school faculty has undertaken 13 national scientific research projects, 15 provincial or ministerial projects. more than 20 papers are published on SCI each year.

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