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Introduction to The School of Foreign Languages

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The School of Foreign Languages of Guizhou Normal University evolves from the Foreign Languages Department of Guiyang Teachers College established in 1941. The latter was one of the first five departments of that college and was first headed by Yang Xianyi, the world-renowned literary translator. The rigorous attitude of Mr. Yang’s to academic research and to talent training has laid a solid foundation for the development of the faculty of foreign languages in Guizhou Normal University. Then in 1985, Guiyang Teachers College was renamed Guizhou Normal University,Hence the appearance of The Foreign languages Department of Guizhou Normal University. And the present Foreign Languages College was set up in 2003, when the adjustment was effected to the teaching and research organizations (units) of the University.

Undergoing many changes in its history of more than 7 decades, the former Foreign Language Department has become one of the most large-scaled arts schools of GNU. At present, we have 41 full-time teaching staffs, among which there are 6 professors, 17 associate-professors and 6 postgraduates’ supervisors. There are 6 teachers who have earned or are undertaking PH.D. Now, the total number of full-time undergraduate students in our School has reached 529.

Currently, there are two graduate majors in our School - English Language Education (Normal) and Japanese. We also offer Master’s degrees of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, English Curriculum and Instruction Methodology and Translation. Apart from these, The Japanese Research Center was founded in our school through jointly cooperating with Fukuyama University of Japan. Moreover, our school is the testing center of WSK in Guizhou Province authorized by the Ministry of Education. Overseas specialists and teachers from Britain, America, and Japan were also employed to carry out teaching in our school.

Great importance has long being attached to research in our Foreign Language School. In recent years, our teachers have undertaken more than 30 research programs of different levels, 5 of which are of national levels. Moreover, several outstanding thesis papers have been published in Domestic Core Journals; 4 academic monographs and 4 textbooks have been edited and published. Several papers and academic books have won the Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Excellence Achievement Prize.The research on Linguistic Universals Research took charged by Professor Xi Xiaoming has won the Project supported by Guizhou Provincial Governor’s Specialized Research Fund for Outstanding Talents.

In the light of the teacher-training pattern, where the educational standard is unfurled, sound foundation created, excellent quality intensified, and abilities are enhanced, the immense significance attaches / is attached to students’ acquisition of such abilities in practice as those of listening, speaking, reading, writing, computing, etc..In(6)curriculum planning, due attention has been paid to both the basic courses for freshmen and sophomores and the basic courses for freshmen and sophomores and advanced courses in some specialist subject areas for juniors and seniors. for juniors and seniors. In addition, optional courses have been offered to fulfill the burgeoning demand in the social development. For more than sixty years, the college has produced a large number of qualified graduates. In fact, most of the School graduates have so far become the leading members of the teaching staff presently working at the high schools all over Guizhou Province are graduates from this college, and some of them are at once working as interpreters or translators for the departments concerned in Guizhou or other provinces.

Aiming at developing disciplines and cultivating talents, the college has, in its undergraduate education, laid great stress on improving the teaching quality and on constantly propelling teaching innovations. Consequently, the quality of graduates has steadily improved and the employment rate of theirs has for years maintained one of the highest in Guizhou Normal University. The number of students who have passed TEM4 and TEM8 has been increasing year after year; and the same is true with the number of graduating students who have been enrolled by universities in other provinces to study for a Master’s degree there. Both the personal qualities and the professional skills of the graduates have produced much favorable comments from the society.

Standing at a new point of departure, the college will endeavor to create new advantages. One the one hand, it is ready to shoulder its share of the responsibility of invigorating Guizhou Province through developing science and technology and education, and to maintain the leading role that it has been playing in the training of foreign languages teachers in this province. On the other hand, it promises to serve not only Guizhou but also the rest of West China, or even the whole country. In order to achieve the goal, a polybasic and multi-level mode of running the school has emerged and will keep developing, with priority given to the undergraduate education, great importance attached to the postgraduate education, and due attention devoted to the continuous education.

All in all, vigorous efforts will be made to cultivate qualified and reliable successors to the cause of building socialism, who are characterized by flexible attitudes to employment, solid foundations, high qualities and great abilities. And the Foreign Languages College of Guizhou Normal University is anticipated to develop into an influential one among its counterparts in West China.

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