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Introduction to The School of Economics and Management

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The School of Economics and Management includes two subjects: the economics and management subject. Since it has established, the school of Economics and management have developed a lot. Nowadays, the school has three departments: the department of Management Science and Engineering, the department of Business Administration and the department of Economics, which classify into four undergraduate programs, including information management and system, electronic business, marketing management and economics. Currently, it has an enrollment of 1300 full time undergraduates, furthermore, the school operates two field research institutions as “the research institution of population economic and sustainable development of Guizhou Normal University” and “the research institution of development for Bijie poverty and ecological development research centre in Guizhou Normal University”, at the same time, “the simulation laboratories of economic management and career carving” has been founded. The school of Economics and Management has two postgraduate training courses which are “an economics academic subject teaching” and “the studying Marxism with Chinese economy”. In 2011, the successful applicants would be also provided with the postgraduate course on the subject of science and engineering.

Nowadays, the School of Economics and Management has 64 full time teachers, including 7 professors, 20 associate professors, with 56 with their MA degrees and 8 teachers at post holding PhDs. During the national eleventh five-year plan, the school got 3 prizes on provincial awards, 10 Academy University’s awards for its achievements, the teachers published more than 300 academic paper on socialist marketing, the agricultural economy and the enterprises management.

The library of the school of Economics and Management include Chinese, English and Japanese books and journals on economics, administration, commerce, computers and marketing. So far, the school of Economics and Management established long-term links and cooperation with many universities and colleges, including America, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. In the new century, the School of Economics and Management marks a new beginning, a new opportunity.

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