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Introduction to the School of History & Politics(SHP)

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Founded in 2003, the School of History & Politics was amalgamated from two departments as History Department established in 1941 and Political Education Department set up in 1960. SHP currently has 62 full time instructors, including 24 professors and 19 associate professors; 24 of these instructors hold doctorate degrees and 27 instructors hold master degrees. Furthermore, 1 specialist has been recognized at the national level, and 8 specialists have been recognized at the provincial level, for their achievements in their respective fields.

At present, SHP has four academic departments as History Department, Political Education Department, Politics Department and Social Work Department, among which History and Political Education departments have more than fifty years history and attained a national-level reputation. Students have many options when choosing a degree, including 5 undergraduate degrees, 22 master degrees. SHP has 2 provincial-level key disciplines as Plotical Education and Chinese Modern History and one provincial research base of Marxism. Currently, SHP has been developing a doctorate degree program of Marxism and has an enrollment of over 1200 fulltime undergraduates and over 300 postgraduates.

In previous years, SHP has undertaken 25 national research projects and more than 90 provincial and ministerial research projects, published over 50 academic books and more than 200 academic papers at national publishing companies and in periodicals. SHP has received 29 provincial awards for various achievements.

SHP inherits a wide range of resources from Guizhou Normal University’s multifunctional digital library consisting of over 200,000 printed books, over 200 academic periodicals, 50 databases, amounting to a total of 32 TB of digital resources.

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