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Introduction to The School of Law

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As one of the youngest and the most vital schools in Guizhou Normal University (GNU), the School of Law,GZNU was officially founded in September 2003. Its predecessor was the Department of Law, which was founded in 1992. There are presently the following teaching research centers in the School of Law: basic jurisprudence, criminal law, civil and commercial law, economic law, procedural law and intellectual property law. Besides the above-mentioned departments, school of law GZNU also has an Intellectual Property Research Center, a workstation of provincial Legal Aid Center. Meanwhile the provincial research institute of procedure law is also attached to the law school of GZNU.

Now, School of Law GZNU has 48 staff members - 7 professors, 10 associate professors, 9 master’s supervisors and 1 doctorate supervisors; among those one is postdoctoral, 10 have Ph.D. Degree or are Ph.D. Candidates, 26 have Master Degree or are Master Candidates. Meanwhile, 10 of them got certificate of National BAR Examination, 5 are legal advisors of the University. The staff of Law School, most of whom are graduated from famous universities, play an important role in delivering the high quality legal education and responsive works for legal research. At the same time, an employment system of guest-professor is also established by the law school, several famous jurists, prosecutors, and judges, who have rich experience, are employed as guest-professors.

Besides the 3 original sub-fields of Master degree (Marxist Jurisprudence, Legal Education, Contemporary World Economy and Politics), the School is also approved to confer the title of master’s degree of law. Now the Law School offers the master’s programs in criminal law, procedure law, civil and commercial law, and economic Law. The Law School offers the bachelor’s program in law, economic law, intellectual property, commercial law and legal practice). Currently, the Law School has had a whole system including the further legal education, undergraduate and graduate programs.

In the future, The School will keep on making greater efforts for academic research, to increase necessary investment and improve the general academic level. The School will carry on the University motto “Contemplation, Honesty, Erudition, Creativity”, carry forward the tradition of the active style and the strict attitude in study, work together to make full use of the School’s advantage, to improve the level and quality of the talent training, to foster the well-rounded socialist talents to serve the legal development and reform, and to devote to building socialist country rule by law. In order to meet the need for cultivating versatile and innovative talents, the School will make joint efforts with people from different circles to find new ways of running schools to construct a first-rate legal and well-known legal education and research base in Guizhou and nation wide.

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