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Introduction to The School of Chinese Language and Literature

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The School of Chinese Language and Literature of Guizhou Normal University can date back to the year of 1941 when it was first named the National Literature Department of the Guiyang Teachers’ College, one of the 4 earliest departments. It was renamed the Chinese Department in 1985 and in 2003, the Literature School was founded. Many prestigious scholars have ever taught in the school, such as Yin Yanwu,Xie Liuyi,Wang Jiawu,Tan Jiepu, Jian Xian’ai,Tang Bingzheng,Yao Dianzhong,Li Duqing and Zhang Ruzhou.

The number of the school faculty totals 79. There are 21 professors, 24 associate professors and 25 lecturers, of whom 18 ones are with the Doctor’s degree, 42 ones with the Master’s degree, 4 ones studying for the Doctor’s degree and 5 ones studying for the Master’s degree.

The 4-year courses for the Chinese Literature major are the characteristics ones of the national level. The Literature Theory is the key discipline of the provincial level. The Chinese Modern Literature, the Chinese Ancient Literature and the Chinese Graphology are the key disciplines of the college level. The school also offers such elite courses as the Mandarin, The History of the Chinese Modern Literature, to name just a few.

The Chinese Language Literature is the first-level discipline eligible for opening the courses for the Master’s degree and six postgraduate programs with 13 specialties are offered in the Literature Theory, the Comparative Literature and The World Literature, The Chinese Ancient Literature, the Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, the Chinese Graphology and the Curriculum and Teaching Theory. Four majors are provided for the Bachelor degree: the Chinese Literature, Journalism of Broadcast and Television, Chinese teaching as a Foreign Language and Broadcasting & Hosting Arts Profession. A certain number of oversees students are studying in the school.

The school consists of 11 teaching and research sections and a few research institutions such as the Guizhou research center for the literature, education and cultural transmission. In addition, there is one reference room where about 50,000 books and about 700 kinds of periodicals are kept, one Video and Audio room, and another studio for producing the broadcast and Tv programs.

By the end of 2010, 79 academic works and over 900 academic papers have been published by the staff either in the authoritative or the core periodicals. Moreover, tens of projects have been undertaken and many of these have been awarded.

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