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Foreign Exchange Students Embrace Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

2018年09月21日 17:40 Liao Xu 点击:[]

The 2018 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration for Foreign Exchange Students in Guizhou Normal University(GZNU) was held by Office of International Exchange and Cooperation in the beautiful season of Autumn on Baoshan Campus, gathering students from Korea, Russia and China, as a way to promote Chinese traditional culture, boost friendship between students from China and other countries and forge strong ties with our global partners.

Started on the morning of September 20, 2018, the celebration, consisting of getting to know each other, festival-introduction and games, was pushed to a climax by the third part after four students’ wonderful speeches on the customs and food of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Korea one and Russian Maslenitsa.

7 students with perfect cooperation and team spirit in the finial part were awarded as winners after a 3-round game.

‘This is my first Mid-Autumn Day in China and I am really looking forward to having a different experience.’ a Korea boy told us.

‘I like the way of celebration, I learnt traditional customs of China and its cultural background. I will be glad to have more activities like this and make many new friends.’student from Russia said.

(Editor: Liu Zecun)

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