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Delegation from the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice(ITBCB) visited GZNU

2017年12月15日 12:00 Liao Xu 点击:[]

Head of Department for International Relations of ITBCB, Ms. Katerina Rowe and her colleague Mr. Josef Vrchota visited Guizhou Normal University on December 14, 2017. Chen Yuexi, Section Chief of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation had a friendly meeting with the two partners from Czech Republic.

Fowllowing a warm welcome to the guests, Chen introduced GZNU and our exchange programs briefly, pointing out that ITBCB is the first central-Europe partner of GZNU and the visit of delegation will provide important opportunities for the improvement and development of mutual relations. Katerina Rowe expressed her gratitude to Chen and GZNU, and said they are expecting a fruitful cooperation between two universities. Chen and Katerina Rowe discussed the details of Summer School program,the possiblities of students exchange programs, and both agreed for a deeper cooperation.


Founded in 2006, the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice is a publich higher educational institution, based in the Czech Republic. The institute is able to offer degree courses of Bachelor and Master, covering the disciplines of Building Construction, Economics and Management, Transport Technology and Communications etc.

(Editor: Chen Yuexi)


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