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Experts from the Rhode Island Association of Chinese American Professors Visited GZNU

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At the invitation of Guizhou Normal University, members of the Rhode Island Association of Chinese American Professors: Dr. LI Suhong, Dr. MA Yan and Dr. ZHENG Yi visited GZNU from 12th-13thJune.

On the morning of June 12, three lectures, themed the Challenge, Present Situation and Prospect of Big Data, Chinese Hollywood-Through the Lens of Visual Literacy,and Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Transport and Its Engineering/Biomedical Applicationswere given by the professors at Huaxi Campus of Guizhou Normal University, over 200 students from School of Big Data and Computer Science, School of Media and Communications, and School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering attending. In the afternoon, professors shared the cutting edge research in their specialist fields with GZNU teachers on the meetings held by schools. On the next day, America experts also had a meeting with representatives from School of International Education for further cooperation.

(Photo/Wang Chaoyang)

(Photo/School of Media and Communications)

(Photo/Liao Xu)

Dr. LI Suhong: Graduated from manufacturing management and engineering from the University of Toledo, and now works as a professor of Computer Information Systems in Bryant University.

Dr. MA Yan: Graduated from Department of Curriculum and Instruction from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Educational Communications and Technology, and now works as a full Professor of Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Film/Media Program in the University of Rhode Island.

Dr. ZHENG Yi: Graduated from Mechanical Engineering of Columbia University in 2014, and now works as an assistant professor in University of Rhode Island.

(Editor: Liu Zecun)

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