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OIEC holds the 5th Exchange Students Programs Publicity

2017年05月15日 17:49 Liao Xu 点击:[]

The 5thExchange Students Programs Publicity was held at Baoshan, Baiyun and Huaxi Campuses from May 10thto11st. Approximately 300 students from different schools participated and chief of International Exchange Section of OIEC, Ms. Chen Yuexi and program officer Ms. Liao Xu attended.

In the publicity, Liao explained the reasons for holding this annual publicity meeting, pointed out that the publicity held by OIEC aimed to provide detailed program information to all students interested in studying aboard as a exchange student and over the last dozen years about 580 students have benefited from universities exchange programs. Chen encouraged all qualified students to improve their professional skills and knowledge by learning abroad. Then the two teachers told the details about student exchange program information to all attendees, such as the university’s overview, exchange students’ activities, application requirement etc.

(Photo/Chen Yuexi)

“To study abroad, you’ll earn an opportunity to learn the different sides of your major and at the same time you’ll have much more understanding of the multicultural world. We would like to help every qualified applicant to apply for an appropriate university.” Chen said.

Photo/Liao Xu)

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