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China-ASEAN-Switzerland Upland Culture and Multicultural Exchange Forum was held in Guiyang

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Sponsored by Research Center For Switzerland of Guizhou Normal University, China-ASEAN-Switzerland Upland Culture and Multicultural Exchange Forum took place in Guiyang on August 2, as an important part of the 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. More than 30 scholars and specialists from China and other countries include Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, America and Switzerland participated in the Forum to share their opinions on the theme ofUpland Culture and Social Development.

Mr. Lu Yongzheng, vice Governor of the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, attended the forum and addressed on the opening ceremony. Mr. Li Jianjun, President of Guizhou Normal University, gave his welcome speech to all the participants, vice-presidents of GZNU, Mr. Xu Xiaoguang and Mr. Zhao Shouying also attending.

Opening Ceremony

Mr. Lu appreciated all friends for the supports and concerns to the development of Guizhou. “China and 10 ASEAN countries are geographically linked and have a long history of cultural exchange. With more mutual cooperation established in education, economy, trade, business, tourism, culture and sports etc between Guizhou and ASEAN, both sides enjoys an increasingly close relationship. Located in inland mountain region, Guizhou and Switzerland have a lot in common. Both sides have boosted cooperation in economy and trade since ‘Sino-Swiss Dialogue’.” Lu said.

Mr. Lu Yongzheng addressed

He also pointed that Guizhou had made great development in recent years, especially its economy increasing rate stayed top-ranked nationwide in the last 5 years, the economic aggregate reaching beyond trillion yuan. As the first province in west China and the 9thone in China to complete the county-expressway circle, the transportation of Guizhou made astounding advances with airports built in all 9 cities and high railway lines covering Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Moreover, attaching great importance to the ecology, the Province increased its forest coverage rate to over 50% and stepped up to set up a demonstration area of ecological civilization. Adhere to people oriented policy, Guizhou focused on make full advantage of its natural resources to build mountainous-featured towns and beautiful villages and to inherit traditional culture, farming civilization and pastoral lifestyle, which aroused people’s deepest feeling of homesickness.

At present, Guizhou is taking the opportunity of establishing the National Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Area and National Inland Open Economic Experimental Area to accelerate the Supply-side structural reform, make every endeavor to establish brands of Big Data. Big Tourism, Big Ecology and make up the disadvantages of poverty, infrastructure, Education and Health Care. The trade and industry are highly complementary among ASEAN countries, Switzerland and Guizhou, Mr. Lu said, hoping 3 parties could improve the mechanism of dialogues and further cooperation in education, economy, business, tourism and culture.

Mr. Li gave a brief introduction to GZNU and highly appreciated the CAECW, which has been held in Guiyang for 8 years since 2008, for promoting the exchanges and visits between GZNU and many universities from ASEAN countries, which greatly enriched GZNU’s International Education.

Mr. Li Jianjun made his welcome speech

“As the core event of the 9thCAECW, we were honored to invite Switzerland as our partner. And during the 2-day’s forum, we will have 4 keynote speeches made by well-known specialists, and over 20 experts will share their opinions onResearch and Development of Upland Social DevelopmentandThe Understanding of Upland Culture and Multi-Valuesby speeches.Undoubtedly, the forum will prove to be an academic gathering to share opinions and achievements, bringing new cooperation and exchanges. And we will spare no effort to make the forum a success.” Mr. Li said.

It is known that Guizhou Province locates in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau of Southwest China and is known for its unique mountainous environment. And the zonal mountainous region in the northIndo-China Peninsula, an important area of this district, stretches over most countries of ASEAN. While located in the middle of Europe, Switzerland, the roof of the continent, is full of various plateaus and mountains. Upland Culture comes from uplands, and it has become a common issue for the three parties on how the culture could survive and develop when the economy globalization comes and the international market is integrating.

ASEAN and Southwest China is a natural community of shared destiny because of their geographical links. And Switzerland is the model of developing upland economy and has rich experience. Hence, in the context of upland culture’s development, the dialogue and the cultural exchanges among ASEAN, Switzerland and Guizhou are important and meaningful.

The Forum is held to provide a platform to exchange opinions and share experience under the theme of the development of upland culture among ASEAN, Switzerland and Guizhou and boosts more inspirations on the ideas, the patterns and the ways of its development.

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