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Ambassador of Switzerland to China Jean-Jacques de Dardel visited GZNU

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At the invitation of our university’s Research Center for Switzerland, Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland to China, paid a visit to GZNU on 15 June, 2016. He talked with GZNU’s President Li Jian Jun and also gave a lecture to over 200 students. Ms. Chen Guode, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guizhou Province and vice standing chairman of Guizhou Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Ms. Luo Yu, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guizhou Province attended the lecture and Prof. Zhao Shouyin and Prof. Xu xiaoguang, vice presidents of GZNU, were also present.

(Photo/Mo Fei)

President Li Jianjun extended his warmest welcome to Mr. Ambassador and pointed out that GZNU’s Research Center for Switzerland is ahead of any other universities in the Southwest area of China to focus on the research of Switzerland. “It will be an achievements-sharing platform for academic information and research in both economic and social development of Guizhou Province, and it will definitely bring more talents for the provincial sustainable development and support its great-leap-forward development by learning Swiss advanced experience, technology and successful models. GZNU will take full advantage of the Center and promote more cooperation. ” he said.

After the meeting Dardel gave a lecture aboutRelations between China and Switzerland: the Reality and Prospectto GZNU students, he reviewed the friendly relation between China and Switzerland from its history, present and prospect. He pointed out in his speech that both countries kept a close and profound bilateral relations in economy, politics, culture, academy and many other fields for a lone time. “As one of the most creative countries in the world we expect further cooperation with China. Since Guizhou and Switzerland started their relations from 2013, a fruitful future could be seen clearly with many Swiss delegations’ visits to Guizhou during the past years.”, he said, hoping that Guizhou and Switzerland will cooperate more in their economy and trade as well as the environment-protection.

(Photo/Mo Fei)

(Editor: Liu Zecun)

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