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Research at GZNU

Research is an essential endeavor at GZNU, our faculty members and students are all encouraged to make efforts in scientific researches through their teaching, learning and practicing. Since 2011, the university has undertaken 206 national research projects and 674 provincial research projects. More and more national or provincial awards are granted with its increasing achievements: 73 Provincial Research Awards; 2 State-Level Teaching Awards; 18 Province-Level Teaching Awards; 2 International Awards for Art; 92 Approved Patents; 177 Academic Publications and 2552 Published Professional Papers (recognized kernel journals included)

It is also a great surprising for the students’ part that they took actively part in various competitions and performed excellently in recent years including The Chinese Mathematics Competitions, the Challenge-cup Extracurricular and Academic Contest, and competitions for electronic designs, mechanical designs as well as foreign languages, etc. and different awards kept coming to encourage our young faces to be emerging scientific force. Last year, students form GZNU got awards from professional competitions: 240, (national 95); awards from competitions for innovation and skills: 26, (national 10); awards from competitions of sports and arts: 429, (national 2); and 39 academic papers were published, 11 patents were approved.